KAWS gets recognized in The New York Times

At 33, Brian Donnelly is enjoying a successful art career. Working out
of a studio in Brooklyn, he has sold paintings to Pharrell Williams, the
rapper and producer; Nigo, the designer-entrepreneur; and Takashi
Murakami, the international art star, among others. He has also created
a variety of products including toys, apparel and even pillows and
indeed he has his own store, Original Fake, in Tokyo. He has also been
widely known in the “street art” world for years; one of his early
altered-phone-booth-ad posters recently traded hands on eBay for
$22,000. One thing Donnelly had not done until lately, however, is forge
a relationship with a dealer or art gallery. This wasn’t because he
shunned or had a problem with the traditional gallery system. He says
it’s just that “nobody asked.”

But that has changed. Donnelly, who works under the name KAWS, has been
taken on by the Gering & López Gallery in New York, where he’ll have
a show this November. He will also exhibit a batch of paintings at
Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Miami in September and will have another
solo exhibition early next year at Honor Fraser in Los Angeles. Sandra
Gering, of Gering & López Gallery, had not heard of Donnelly before
another artist she works with included him in a group show last summer,
but she is clearly smitten with Donnelly’s bright, clean, slightly
off-kilter canvases that often riff on pop-culture figures like the
Smurfs or the Simpsons. And she figures there’s another market for his
work. “I think it needs to get out there in the art world,” she


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~ by fmanyc on August 19, 2008.

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