Rell- The Remedy


 Rell- The Remedy

“A friend of mines hit me up and asked me about an old exclusive Rell Song called “You & Me”. That he could not find it anywhere but found out some thing else about the singer. He was arrested with 2 other men for trying to pick up 50 pounds of marijuana. Crazy!  So I did a little quick search of my own and of course found not only the song but the whole album (Thank Me Later) But The Word is that the other men confessed and said he had nothing to do with it, so he is out “Thank God”. So Above is a link to The Album “The Remedy” free of charge to download that was so pose to come out but never seen the day of light…smh. Brings back some memory’s… hope you all enjoy the album like i did.

~ by fmanyc on August 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “Rell- The Remedy”

  1. ist the link to that song u mentioned…

  2. Hi my name is Anthony i would like too thank you for Rell The Remedy download and had a question i was wondering if you have a free download of Rell A Long Time Coming the other unreleased project that wasnt released if so i would appreciate it very much Thank You hope too be hearin from you soon.

  3. Thanks i really enjoyed the Rell project . I was wondering if you had a download link for his other project A long time coming ?

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