Digital Girl- Erica Minon (April)

Erica Minon: ModelMayhem

~ by fmanyc on March 10, 2010.

17 Responses to “Digital Girl- Erica Minon (April)”

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  2. Stunning pictures!!!!

  3. Beautifully sexy!!!

  4. DAMN!!!!!!! She’s worth the beat down I’m gonna get from my girl for saving her pics to my desktop.

  5. Classy, Sexy, Gorgeous Girl!!! Erica’s got my vote!!! You can also check her out at

  6. Yum yum dim sum… Oh wait, I mean arroz con pollo y bullut

  7. Sexiest girl I’ve seen in like forever!!!! My vote is for her!

  8. Beautiful and classy pictures!

  9. You’re gorgeous sweetie – good luck in the contest!

  10. Win or lose, you’re 10 times hotter then your competition! She be whack!

  11. FMA Magazine this is your Digital Girl right here!

  12. Hey mama! I agree with everyone, you’re a beautiful girl! Clearly this thing isn’t real because we both gained and lost somewhere over 100 votes in the past hour or so and I know people can’t be that interested in this little contest! lol! It was fun when I thought it was real- nothing wrong with healthy competition. If you really want it that bad, God Bless! It’s yours! I wish you nothing but success in all you do! Stay beautiful and stay real. xoxoxo Erika J

    • Its Programed So That Votes Only Be counted Once From The Same IP # So There Is No Cheating Or Double Votes From The Same Computer..But There Is No Real Loser In This…Only Certain Models Get Picked To Be On Here Cause You Are All Great!!

  13. Wow the competition isn’t even over and someone’s already being a sore loser? Erica girl, you’re going to win this no doubt and you deserve it!

  14. hey…sexy girl…hope you can win…beautiful photos..

  15. Thank you to all my family, friends and fans. I truly appreciate your votes and comments. It means the world to me even if I don’t win. It was awesome to even be considered for this contest! So a special thanks to FMA mag as well! 🙂 Happy Easter!!

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