Digital Girl- Erika J (April)

Erika J : ModelMayhem


~ by fmanyc on March 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Digital Girl- Erika J (April)”

  1. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support, positivity and of course, for taking the time out of your busy day to vote! It really means the world to me ❤

    xoxo Erika J

  2. This girl is absolutely stunning!!
    She wins by FAR!!!!!!

  3. Let me make one thing clear here Miss Bunny… Manhattan isn’t that big of an island. If my wife gets another email from your friends thru her facebook, modelmayham, or any other way, I swear on my mother I’ll be sure to make this island seem smaller for all of you. You and your friends seem pretty passionate about a magazine and contest you keep dissing. Who’s the dirty one and whack one for real? I think we already know. Stop the games because I’m no longer staying out of it.

    • HAHAHA! Soooo ghetto! Are you SERIOUSLY threatening me now? I feel so sad for you and any one else that is taking this ridiculous contest seriously. Grow up. A REAL MAN doesn’t threaten a woman. Find some other way to occupy your time. It is PATHETICALLY sad. Hopefully you and any one else that is threatening me or spreading negativity is on their way to CHURCH this EASTER SUNDAY. GOD BLESS YOU. You need it.

      • Ghetto… Well Erica, I’d rather be ghetto then a sorry fake like you. You spewed your passive aggressive flatulence first, had your friend Greg Othen email my wife thru Facebook spewing same, and you conveniently keep bashing a contest that your deplorable actions show nothing less then obsession and sore loser-ness. Notice how you didn’t hear word one from me until you started to have your guy friends email my wife and threaten her and call her names? And I’m pathetic? On your way to church, perhaps you should take that time to reflect on yourself before you judge me or my wife. So by all means, continue to play the righteous do-gooder role you’re trying to portray yourself as. You and I know the real story, so be true to yourself and stop worrying about us. And it wasn’t a threat, but know I don’t take the hate emails and threatening emails to my wife lightly, and that’s something you and your friends should know.

  4. For the record, NO ONE I know or I am friends with would EVER threaten your wife. They were, in fact, probably making fun of her for spending her entire Easter Sunday VOTING FOR HERSELF. It’s hilarious and sad and we both know that’s what’s really REAL. Call me names. You don’t know me. Keep on messaging my page. I love it! Please, keep on wasting your time while I’m having an amazing day with my family. I’m actually finding this all extremely entertaining. It’s sick to think you would waste your time on something so insignificant. But then again, small minds talk about small things. It’s actually funny how passionate you are about me or this ridiculous contest. I said it before, it was fun when I thought it was real, and that’s the truth. Now it’s just getting ridiculous. In fact I complimented your wife. She’s a beautiful woman. It’s unfortunate insecurities make you automatically assume I wasn’t being sincere. Passive aggressively threatening women and caling names over computer blog messages is what is very, very ugly. At the end of the day, if it makes you feel like a tough guy or if it makes you both feel better about yourselves, then so be it. She can have the title of FMA Blog Digital Girl of the month… and maybe one day you can tell your grandchildren about it. LOLOLOLOL

  5. HA!!!! Wow, you are beyond contradictory and hypocritical. I mean really, do you read what you write before you hit the “post” button? You’re having a lovely day with your family on Easter while I’m wasting my time posting and obsessing. Righttttt, Is that why you’re writing me back now or is grandma helping you with these pearls of wisdom? Look, you can downplay whatever you want, call this contest insignificant or whatever, but your actions are speaking WAY louder then your words. And my wife is voting for herself huh? I’m sure she voted all those mysterious no’s too… But let’s make something really clear here, my passion is not for this contest, my passion is for my wife. You know damn well what your friends emailed my wife, and I have the emails to prove it. You played with fire and now are getting burned, so keep trying to flip it so desperately as if you “love this”. Keep pretending it is what you’re trying so desperately to make it appear. For such a God faring woman, you sure have no problem with telling tall tales. And as for your ridiculous claim to praising my wife on her page, mmmhmmm. It doesn’t take a degree in sociology to pick up what you were trying to pull. And it’s the same pathetic BS you continue to spew trying to raise yourself higher but to no avail. As for my jollies being fulfilled by “passively aggressively threatening a lady over the internet on a blog”, understand you need to behave as a lady to be treated as such. Just because God made you a woman it doesn’t automatically make you a lady. Go ahead and BS about what your friends pulled with my wife before I got involved… But your chihuahua friends awoke a sleeping bear, and your guy friends disrespecting my wife will not be tolerated. Your friends brought it this low so don’t hate me for standing up for what’s right. She is my wife and your guy friends have no business saying a word to her and you should be ashamed at even allowing them to stoop so low. Perhaps if such a spiritual woman as yourself hadn’t started with the childish nonsense, you wouldn’t have to try to blab your “righteous” mumbo jumobo to someone who see’s right thru it… You’re right about one thing though, this is ugly… So maybe you should truly focus on your glorious day with your family instead us or a contest you repeatedly claim you have no interest in winning.

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