Erica Minon – Digital Girl Of The Month (April)

“Congrads To Erica Minon With Over 2000 Votes & 2400 Views To Win For The Month Of April. Very Close Race. We Would Like To Also Thank All Of The Runner Up’s For The Month Of April As Well, There Is No Real Loser In This! You All Where Specially Picked.”


~ by fmanyc on April 6, 2010.

4 Responses to “Erica Minon – Digital Girl Of The Month (April)”

  1. Congrats baby!!! Now we can tell all the neighbors and even our grandkids…. 😉

  2. Dear FMA Magazine,

    Please reconsider examining the way votes are calculated through this website. In my humble opinion, contestants that vote for themselves repeatedly by cheating, cheapen your magazine and this site. Step one: Proceed to the tool bar in browser and click on “clear recent history.” Step two: Refresh the page. Step 3: Click ‘vote yes.’ Repeat this process over 2000 times. Maybe I’m crazy, but title should be given to people that have legitimate votes and don’t harass, degrade and attempt to belittle other contestants. Thought I would give you the heads up to avoid any future problems. Thanks. Have a great day.

    Erika J

    • Thanks, You only lost by like 70 votes so does that mean u did the same thing? you can only vote once no matter how many times you refresh the page or clear history i will email you how the pow is set up so you know it tracks back who votes by ip address. thanks!

  3. Dear Ms. Othen;

    Wow, so even after this is all over, you still find it necessary to voice your hypocritical views and contradicting opinions. I think my husband asked a very reasonable question. Do you even read what you write before posting it? So I feel you have now left me no choice but to respond and show the obvious and laughable contradictions and hypocrisies to all who read your nonsense. So you feel that contestants who “vote for themselves repeatedly by cheating, cheapen your magazine and this site” yet how many times have you and your friends and brother bashed this magazine as “insignificant”, “unknown”, “silly”, etc? So now all of a sudden you’re concerned about a magazine you repeatedly made fun of and a contest you bashed every time you posted something? Well isn’t that nice of you to show concern now that it’s over. I also find it quite intriguing how someone who calls others “cheaters” knows how to supposedly beat the system. Now if I was cheating and you weren’t, how did you figure out how to cast votes past the 1 per person the system is designed to count? For someone who claims to be on the up and up, you certainly know a lot about how to allegedly cheat. And of course, how can we ignore my favorite little gem from you “Maybe I’m crazy, but title should be given to people that have legitimate votes and don’t harass, degrade and attempt to belittle other contestants.”. Wow, you are so right Erika! Considering you lashed out first with your passive aggressive rant on not only on my home page for the contest but also the Poledaddy page, followed by numerous emails from your brother Greg and others calling me names, trying to ridicule me, being passive aggressive and bully like, trying to degrade me and my husband, completely fabricating the truth and calling me a liar, and let’s not forget the threats… I think it’s pretty obvious who the problem was this whole time. What you say you believe is wrong and undeserving is exactly everything YOU ARE. You described yourself and all of your actions, and quite frankly, I don’t know what’s sadder… The fact that people like you really do exist and aren’t afraid for everyone to see it, or that there’s a chance you actually think it isn’t you you’re describing. It’s also sad things had to turn into such nonsense with the back and forth posting, but obviously some people don’t know when they’re out classed and need to relearn the lesson of “you never know who the wrong person to bully is”. Truth being told, even with your first comment being obviously what it was, in the end it was you being stupid enough to have a guy cross the line with me. That’s where you truly crossed the line and left my husband no choice but to get involved. I hope and pray for you that you do some self reflecting and changing of your ways. You’re too pretty to be so ugly.

    Erica M.

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