PUSHA T – MY GOD (No Tags)

PUSHA T – MY GOD (No Tags)

I can’t be bothered with paying homage to forefathers
see the future like the car show floor models
both feet in the snow so that my core follows
we don’t mourn for the dead, nigga, we pour bottles
drown sours, ocean blue murcielagos
started with similac powder in a baby bottle
the formula is warning ya
crack kills offerings to the coroner
kill my eldest brother? nigga, I’ll be damned
gator at my momma’s house, welcome to zombie land
a hustler’s paradise, a lucky pair of dice
down 40 but the street will have you square by night
didn’t batter, I at it, kept the poker face
cause the better I had it had the coke at base
when you get to heaven’s door they won’t hold a space
if you numb like the flesh on a smoker’s face
there’s no feeling like your bitch chin chilling right
you in Italian leather and you full willing right
you know you’re up when you count a quarter million right
and if you down you can slang it like a pillow fight
I’m a wizard at it, nigga, here’s the magic
make a small town feel like I throw a blizzard at it
get the green from the scale like a lizard had it
bare with me as I unveil this instant classic

yes! my god! my god! my god!”


~ by fmanyc on February 12, 2011.

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